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The new droplist

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The new droplist

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 20, 2011 11:54 pm

-King Black Dragon-
Ancient Staff
Anti-Dragon Shield
Draconic Visage
Dragon Boots
Dragon Claws (OMG!)
Dragon Full Helm (OMG!)
Dragon Platebody (OMG!)
Dragon Platelegs
Ranger Boots
Robin Hood Hat

-Rock Crabs-
15m Gold

-Bandos Boss-
Bandos Boots
Bandos Chestplate
Bandos Godsword
Bandos Hilt
Bandos Kiteshield
Bandos Scimitar
Bandos Tassets
Bandos Warspear
Bandos Whip
Godsword Blade
Slayer Helm

-Armadyl Boss-
Armadyl Chestplate
Armadyl Helmet
Armadyl Hilt
Armadyl Godsword
Armadyl Plateskirt
Godsword Blade

-Zamorak Boss-
Dragon C' Bow
Godsword Blade
Zamorak Banner
Zamorak Cloak
Zamorak Godsword
Zamorak Hilt
Zamorak Robe Legs
Zamorak Robe Top
Zamorakian Spear
Zamorak Stole

-Saradomin Boss-
Saradomin Armor Set
Saradomin Banner
Saradomin Brew
Saradomin Cape
Saradomin Cloak
Saradomin Godsword
Saradomin Hilt
Saradomin Sword
Castlewars Hood
Hooded Cloak
Holy Book

-Chaos Elemental-
Dragon 2h Sword
Dragon Claws (OMG!)
Dragon Full Helm (OMG!)
Dragon Platebody (OMG!)
Saradomin Godsword

Just a small hint... Abyssal Demons and Lesser Demons both drop whips! Thank you for being a part of Ags-Scape Razz -- Xneonx
P.S. Please post up any npc drops that you have gotten that isn't on here so we can further our droplist Smile

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